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LOTRO video: introducing Solitude Watch kinship

Here comes a nice addition to my collection of LOTRO kinship intros.

They say about this video:

Solitude Watch is a kinship on the EU server Laurelin (EN-RP). We enjoy a good mix of RP and end-game raiding. Our home can be found at:

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Quick Guide to LOTRO Levels (lvl 1 - 17)

This guide takes you all around Middle-Earth completing quests to get to level 17 (currently)level 1 - 10 UndefeatedLvl 1 - 5Newbie areaLvl 6Complete all quests in Archet up to lvl 5Travel to CombeComplete all quests in Combe up to lvl 5Travel to StaddleTalk to Lolo and complete Friendships Renewed (8) but decline the timed quest The Errant Coinpurse.Lvl 7Travel to West Bree-TownTake a Horse to Micheal DelvingComplete quests Join the Bounders(5), Hide and Seekers(5), The Top Hiding Place(5) and Close the Burrows(5)Use the MilestoneCollect Satchel and Travel east to WaymeetComplete quests Worries from Waymeet(5), Rescue Dora's Chickens(5) and Wolves of Waymeet(6).Travel south-east to Touckborough and enter Great Smials, pick up Yellowed Recipe then map back to Micheal Delving and go to the Fields to complete quest The Bird and the Baby.Lvl 8See your class trainer and buy some new armor or a new weapon if you need to in Micheal Delving, but save 6silver for the horse to Celondim.Use Milestone.Pick up all quests in Celondim. Be sure to pick up ones on the dock, the one from Torron south of the dock and behind a building and the one south of him along the road and up the steps, also another quest if you follow the south west path.Complete quests; At the behest of Cathavor(5), A Terrace in Celondim(6), Hallowed Ground(6), Gleaning Fields(6), A Rare Vintage(7), Need of a Cask(7), Return the Cask(7).Travel north to DuillondComplete quests; Calengil's Virgil(7) and A Gift for a Friend(7).Lvl 9Complete quests; Cleansing Draught(7), Leaving Middle-Earth(7), Cleansing the Ruins(7) and What was Lost(7)Travel North to Thrasi's Lodge to get the scroll you need then back to Duillond to complete the quest Now is Found(7).Buy any armor from traders around here before mapping home to Celondim.Complete the quest Day's Ahead(7).Talk to Bard to equip traits.Take horse to Thorin's Hall.Use Milestone.Pick up all quests around Thorin's Hall. Be sure to travel down the path to the southern end of Thorin's Gate and talk to Ormr to get the quest Gisil's Favourite(6).Complete quests; At the Behest of Unnarr(5), The Maker's Hall(6), Sprung a Leak(6), The Lost Tool(6), The First Gear(6) and A Patch in Time(6).Then travel east to Noglond.Complete the quest Gisil's Favourite(6) and the Flow to Noglond(7).Level 10 - 14 IndominableLevel 10 – The UndefeatedComplete the quests Herding Cats (7) , Cutting Cords (7) , Quenching a Thirst (7) , Clear the Roads (7) , Hunting Goblins (7)Collect the gear needed for the quest The Second Gear.Map Home to Thorin’s HallComplete the quests The Second Gear (7) ,and A New Shine (5)Take horse to Michel Delving.Speak to your class trainer for new skills.Use the Milestone.Travel east to Waymeet and complete the quest The Wolf in Exile (7)Take the satchel to Needlehole to complete the quest Bundle for Needlehole (7)At Needlehole complete the quests Daffodil is Missing (8) , Tell Bounder Chubb (8) , The Dwarves of Needlehole (8) , and pick up the Money-Bag needed for Refurbishing the Town Hole.Take the satchel to Michel Delving to complete the quest Bundle for Michel Delving (8)Complete the quest Refurbishing the Town Hole (8)Take the satchel to Tuckborough to complete the quest Bundle for Tuckborough (8)Level 11Travel north-east from Tuckborough to Bywater to buy your lvl 11 armour and weapons, then return to Tuckbrough.Complete the quests The Founding Writ (8) , Adelard’s Chapter (7) , Gerebert Misses a Meal (8) , Longo’s Leaf-Wagon (8)Take the satchel north to Hobbiton to complete the quest Bundle for Hobbiton (8)Deliver the pie to Bywater, and pick up the quest The Green Dragon.Return to Hobbiton and complete the quest Pie for The Green Dragon (6)Take the next pie north to The Party Tree, then travel south back to Hobbiton collecting the quest Fallen Apples on the way.Complete the quest Lobelia’s Pie (6)Travel back north and complete the quest Fallen Apples (6) , and Spoiled Pie From The Party Tree (6)Take the satchel north to Overhill to complete the quest Bundle for Overhill (9)Travel north-east along the road and pick up the Trade-Goods located there in a wagon there to complete the quest Spider Plague (8)Pick up the Dwarf-Barrel in Lob’s Grove north-west of Overhill past Bindbole Wood.Take the next satchel to Bywater to complete the quest Bundle for Bywater (9)Complete the quest The Green Dragon (8)Take the pie outside to Hobbiton to complete the quest Spoiled Pie from Bywater (6)Talk to Shirriff Robin and then complete the quest Finding the Nest (8)Travel back to Overhill, talk to Gammer Boffin, then travel west to Rushock Bog.Kill slugs and collect the slug-slime, then proceed to complete the quest Needlehole Watch (6)Take pie to Hobbiton to complete the quest Spoiled Pie from Needlehole (7)Travel north back to Overhill and complete the quest Untangled Webs (8)Level 12Map home to The Delving Fields.Talk to your class trainer for new skills.Take horse to Bree.Travel back to Archet picking up the quest Family Treasures from Combe Gate on the way.Complete the quests Disease Among the Boars (6) , Finding Reason (7) , Builder Earur (8)Travel south to Combe, then east to Combe Lumber Camp.Complete the quests Message to Taylor Green (7) , Den of Wolves (6) , The Logger’s Ledger (7) , Old Bauman’s Farm (8) , Posco’s Uncle (8) , Unpaid Debts (6) , Finding Amdir (7) , Reconnecting Ties (9) , Mourning the Dead (9) , Pickthorn’s Treasure (7) , Cutleaf’s Good Intentions (8) , Greater Responsibility (8)Travel south and hand in the quest Family Treasures (9) at Combe Gate.Pick up the timed quest The Errant Coinpurse from Lolo Wendingway on the way to Saddle.Pick up all the quests in Saddle then head east completing the quest Gammy Boggs (8) , and talking to Eldo Swatmidge on the way to The Midgewater Marshes.Complete the quests Neekers in the Marshes (7) , Ailing Hound (9) , The Errant Coinpurse (7) , On to Saddle (8) , Concern for a Friend (10) , Unwell Water (9) , Eyes of Saddle (10) , Widow’s Farmhand (8) , Widow Froghorn’s Pipeweed (8) , and Message for the Constable (7)Level 13Complete the quests Quality and Character (9) , Dangerous Boars (8) , Lily’s Secret (11) , Farmer’s Market (9) , and Wanetta the Wedge (9)Travel east to the Marshwater Fort in Midgewater Marshes.Complete the quests Spiders in the Midgewater (8) , Scouting the Marshes (10) , Treasure in the Web (8) , Blackwold Valuables (8) , Rurik Fennel, Locksmith (8) , and Blackwold Thieves (9)Go back to Saddle, collect water from well and travel south-east to Silverwell to complete the quest The Wise Woman (9) , and Fresh Flowers (9)Take the water back to Saddle to complete All’s Well That Ends Well (9) , and Stolen Pipe-Weed(10)Travel east to the Midgewater Marshes and complete the quest Neeker-Friend (9) which you can pick up just a little north-west of the Goblinhole Ruins.Level 14 – The IndomitableComplete The Threat of Fire (10)Travel west to Bree-townComplete the quests Brockenborings to Bree-town (10) , Into Bree (8) , and Haunted Alley (10)Talk to the Bard of Bree to equip any new traits.Buy a stack of 20 healing potions from inside The Prancing PonyTake the horse to Michel DelvingUse the Milestone.Visit your class trainer to buy any new skills.Take pie to Hobbiton to complete the quest Spoiled Pie from Michel Delving (5)Take The Sack of Feed (9) to Belco at the first house on the left as you enter Tuckborough.Travel east towards The Great Willow and complete the quests Honey-Bears (9) , Old Sally (9) , Shore Up The Fence (9) , A Hidden Stash (9) , Ghost of the Old Took (9) , and The Old Took’s Favourite (9)Take pie to Hobbiton to complete the quest Spoiled Pie from Tuckborough (8)Map Home to Michel DelvingComplete the quest Belco’s Writ (9)Travel east to the Methel-stage which is south of Bywater and set off the rocket.Complete the quests The Last of the Fireworks (9) , and Confront the Old Took (9)Travel north to Bag End and speak to Lobelia before continuing north to Overhill.Complete the quests Web-Cutter (9) , Lucky Sling-Stone (9) , A Salve for Stings (9)Travel south to Hobbiton and complete the quest Free the Tree (9)Continue south to the Bear Dens and complete the quest Long Live the Queen (10)Complete the quest Lobelia’s Fireworks (9) in TuckboroughTravel north-east to Frogmorton and complete the quests Inspire Postman Oddfoot (9) , The Floating Log (9) , and Many Happy Returns (10)Take satchel south-east to Woodhall to complete the quest Bundle for Woodhall (10)Complete the quests Leaf in Woodhall (9) ,and Longo’s Missing Waggon (10)Take satchel north-east to Stock to complete the quest Bundle for Stock (10)Complete the quest The Vigilance Committee (9)Level 14 - 17 UnscathedLevel 15Travel east over the river into Buckland, complete the quest Trouble in Buckland (10) , and buy your level 15 armour and weapons.Travel west back into The Shire and complete the quests Old Forestry (12) , Rousting Ruffians (10) , Violet in Peril (10) , and The Golden Perch (10)Take satchel north-west from Stock to Budgeford to complete the quest Bundle for Budgeford (10)Complete the quests Seeking Saltpetre (9) , The Veiled Menace (10) , A Few Pages Short (10) , A Taste for Pork (9) , Howling at Midnight (9) , The Trouble with Harvest-Flies (9) , The Secret of the Collar (9) , Wolves in the Fields (9) , Calling for Charcoal (9) , The Big Black Bear (9) , Brimstone and Sparks (9) , By Hook or by Crook (9) , Flare for Danger (11) , The End of the Matter (10) , The Menace Confronted (10) , and Bandages for Callum (10)Take satchel north from Budgeford to Scary to complete the quest Bundle for Scary (11)Complete the quests My Grandson’s Lunch (10) , Spiders in the Quarry (11) , and Restless Roost (10)Take satchel to Brockenborings to complete the quest Bundle for Brockenborings (11)Complete the quests The Plough and Stars (10) , Bears on the Greenfields (10) , and Distant Dangers (11)Take pie to Hobbiton to complete the quest Spoiled Pie from Brockenborings (10)Map home to Michel Delving.Complete the quest A Bounder of Great Merit (10)Level 16Talk to your class trainer for new skills and talk to bard to equip traits.Travel to Little Delving.Deliver the last satchel to Michel Delving for the quest Bundle for Michel Delving.Complete the series of quests that starts at Little Delving with Mundo’s Complaint (5) , Flourdumplings Stand (6) , Make Yourself Useful (8) , Pansy Tunnelly’s Tale (10) , The Aid of Halros (10) , Goblin Foothold (10) , Troubles to Come (10)Complete the rest of the spoiled pie quests. (optional)(8 Elite 760 health)Take horse to Thorin’s Hall.Use Milestone.Take horse to Gondamon.Complete the quests On To Gondamon (9) , Clear the Way (11) , Protecting the Hunt (10) , The Sundered Shield (10) , Warming the Garrison (9) , Feeding the Outpost (10)Travel north-east to Haudh Lin and complete the quest Glamir’s Vigil (9)Travel south-east to Thrasi’s Lodge and complete the quests The Cat’s Meow (10) , Hungry Mouths To Feed (10) , On The Mend (10), A Remarkable Bow (11) , Someone Worthy (13)Travel north to Emyn Hoedh and complete the quests, The Elf-Sword (13) , Old Bones (13) , A Disturbing Affair (13) , and The Third Gear (10)Travel to Kheledul and complete the quest The Fourth Gear (12)Travel to Haudh Lin and complete the quests The Elf-Stone (13) , Webs of Sorrow (10) , Sickening of the Land (12) , The Fifth Gear (14) , and The Puzzle-Vault (14)Level 17 – The UnscathedTake horse to Bree.Use Milestone.Talk to your class trainer and the bard in Bree-town for new skills and traits.Buy your level 17 armour and weapons.Complete the quests A Dwarf Made Blade (12) , Getting the Blade Back (12) , Chapter 1: Unravelling the Thread (12) , and Chapter 2: To a Constable’s Aid (12)Travel west to Adso’s Camp.Buy a stack of 15 rations from the Provisioner thereComplete the quests Pipe-weed Delivery (9) , Adso’s Delivery (10) , Boar Heads (11) , To Mr. Butterbur (10) , Bear Pelts (11) , Sharkey’s Men (12) , Rangers and Rogues (12) , Unwelcome Strangers (12) , Rollo and Doderic (12) , and Shadow of the White Hand (13)Take horse to Thorin’s Hall.Travel to Haudh Lin and complete the quests Haunted Lands (12) , The Standing-Stone (14) , and A Grisly Task (13)Source:

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Lotro Instruments - How to Play Music in Lotro Guide

Lotropolis guys (here: are sharing with us With the new release of Shores of Evendim there is a lot of new stuff with the music system. Here is the basic steps to use the new music system and play prewritten is the basic steps to use the new music system and play prewritten songs.Step 1: First go to ...My DocumentsThe Lord of the Rings OnlineMusic and make sure that the Music folder exists. If the music folder is not there, don't panic. Just create a new folder and name it Music. This will be the folder that you put all the prewritten music.Step 2: All the files that are readable by lotro are written in ABC format. If you don't know what that is, google it or check out the official ABC website here: To create a ABC file either open up a text document or download a ABC editing program such as Mid2Abc at 3: Either write the ABC language or just paste in the musical piece you collected into the text file (or whatever you are using). Then save it as (or whatever you want to name your song, just keep it short as you will have to write this out every time you want to play the song and make sure you save it as .abc) in the ...My DocumentsThe Lord of the Rings OnlineMusic.Step 4: Finally, when you are in game, start playing music just like you would any other time with the /music. Then just type /play (or whatever you named your song). Then your character will began playing the tune you prepared in advance.A good resource to check out is the official lotro forum where they have started a nice collection of ABC format tunes.If you have anymore questions or tips don't hesitate to post...(You can also convert midi song files to abc, but its a little more complicated...I will try to post something on that sometime in the future or someone else can try to tackle that monster)

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Turbine is going to introduce next big LotRO update

Turbine has offered first details on the next big content update for Lord of the Rings Online, including the news that a new gameplay type is to be introduced in Book 10. Exec producer tells CVG about Book 10 and reveals a new gameplay element to be introduced.Prising details from the mouth of executive producer Jeffrey Steefel recently in an interview, we ( were told, "...Amarthiel, who is this new character that we've introduced who is in search of a powerful ring - that's a big part of Book 10. There's not going to be a new region in Book 10 but the whole city of Ann—äminas will be opened up, and a lot more things will be happening there."And then there's some new type of gameplay that players haven't been able to do yet that they'll be able to do in Book 10."Advertisement:Sadly, Steefel wouldn't elaborate further, leaving us scratching heads and wondering what the new type of gameplay could be. Nor would he commit to a release date for Book 10 - "I don't want to get too specific because whatever date I pick someone will hold me to it for the rest of my life."However, he did promise that LotRO players "should expect to see multiple updates in a year, separate from expansion packs - just more content for their subscription."More:

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new Lotro features coming this Fall?

Reportedly, The LOTRO developerss present a few upcoming features. During their recent dev chat on June 28, the Lord of the Rings: Shadows of Angmar team presented a few upcoming features, some of which are still in development. As early as this fall, players can expect new zones to explore, though they won’t be on the same scale as the Shores of Evendim, the first free update, available in June. Book 10 also has its share of features, notably for jewelers, who will be able to manufacture bracelets and earrings. The Martha Stewarts of this world will finally have their dreams come true, as it will eventually be possible to manufacture tables and chairs in order to furnish your little home in Middle-Earth.More here:

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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

LOTRO Chapter 11 walkthrough video

Author of this lotro video gives us ingame footage of himself (Level 18 Minstrel) level 23 hunter, level 23 champion and level 18 Lore Master doing the Last Boss. This is set in Book 1, Chapter 11.

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Video of Legendary Book Being Destroyed in LotRO

Author presents a short LOTRO movie of him destroying the legendary captain book (The Book of Oaths).

He sez that's what happens when guys don't buy his legendaries at the price he wished to receive.

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LotRO video: Elite Giants Solo

Location: Evendim in LOTRO
Action: messing with some elite giants
Main achievment: firing up Premiere Pro 2 for the first time

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