Thursday, June 21, 2007

LOTRO guide on Crafting Recipes

Yep, another article from Digg - this time it's an aticle on crafting goods in LOTRO. Learn about ingredients,experience gained, proficiency needed and how to get the recipes.

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Lotro loremaster video - voyage thru Great Barrows

Author plays LOTRO as Loremaster - consider this video a quick guide to mastering loremaster skills in LOTRO. Video includes Trash Mobs, Boss Fights, and more.

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LotRO video of riding a horse through The Shire

Author offers this Lotro video - that's basically a hired horse ride through bywater.

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LOTRO video chat: online relationships and more

Another news off Digg: Creepy dude discusses LOTRO, online relationships, martial arts, picks his nose, cleans his ear wax, and much more, all while wearing a wife beater tshirt. Yes folks, he should be an inspiration to us all. Maybe one day after taking down Onyxia or the Witch King, you too can claim to be as uber l33t as this 50 year old basement dweller!

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

(Video) LOTRO intro scene

Spotted this at Digg - author presents LOTRO intro scene. Turbine definitely has an opportunity for creating a great experience here, let's see if they can live up to it.
"For those of you who have already seen the sneak peek trailers, here is the complete introductory scene from the Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar. I wonder how the ring will tie into the story when there are tens of thousands of players to a server"

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Another fan of Lotro

Came across another LOTRO resource today - it's spot at wazap gaming site. Check it out.

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