Thursday, August 9, 2007

LOTRO music - how play Chrono Trigger

While author does not provide much details, it's a good video on playing instruments in LOTRO. If you havent figured out how to play music in LOTRO, watch this clip - good performance.

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Lotro Writing Contest is finished

I'm a junkie for all kinds of LOTRO contests - be that LOTRO videos battles or anything else. A while ago I mentioned about Poetry contest, and this one comes closely. Check out who became winner of the LotroFaces contest and read his funny story. Good job guys!

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LOTRO announced release of 10th Book - "The City of the Kings"

Turbine just has released new details of the 2nd major update to LOTRO. They boast more than forty new quests, all with major impact on the forces defending or assailing the different keeps available. Other notable improvements are:- Monster players can now log directly into their monster player character from the character selection screen- Quests to call support into Tol Ascarnen, Lugazag, and the Grimwood Lumber Camp have had the number of objects needed to enlist the aid of the assailants reduced to 25% of their previous numbers.- You can forge tribes to stalk the Ettenmoors and gain the rudimentary benefits available to player kinships- updated the functionality of the maps given out as rewards for completing quests for the different take and hold locations- !! All consumable items used by monster players have had their costs reduced by 50%, and food has been reduced even further. and so on - full details are here -

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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

A real Hobbit hole house

Just for a change - no LOTRO videos now, but a jawdropping story about a man who built himself a real Hobbit hole house. Just couldnt resist to reprint this. Enjoy.

"A Low Impact Woodland Home" by Simon Dale

Now I had originally intended to take you on a tour through the various hobbit holes that exist in our wonderful world, but it turns out that as a group, those who tend towards these houses apparently disdain the creation of a decent website, and even further hate actual content. So I am grateful for Simon Dale, the man behind "A Low Impact Woodland Home", who has provided me with great photos, and has a fantastic website.

Simon, with his wife, father in law and two young children spent 4 months building what they have termed a low impact woodland home, which is now their family home. An estimated 1000-1500 man hours and £3000 were put in to what is, in my opinion, a dream home.

Simon, who is more than willing to tote the fact that he is in no way an architect or certified builder, believes that a house of this scale is within the reach of any able-bodied person.

The house, which was built with a maximum regard for the environment around it, is dug soundly into the hill around it. The idea of earth sheltering for housing is not a new idea either, and is more than just a "nifty hippie" way to help the environment; it also helps your bank account. When built into the ground, such a house will retain heat in the winter, and be very cool in the summer.

The dirt from the diggings into the hill provided the basis for the foundations and retaining walls, and a mud and turf, when combined with a plastic sheet, makes for the perfect roof.

Wood from the surrounding woodland provides not only heat but also wood for the frame of the house.

So the mysterious hobbits aren't the only ones that believe that living in the ground is a feasible way of life. Seeing the houses like these gives me hope that - given the right amount of money - I’ll soon be living in my very own ecologically friendly home. Just as long as I have my computer, a light for my reading, and the internet, I should be happy.


LOTRO pvp gameplay movie (Creeps Vs Freeps)

This LOTRO video features pvp event - author filmed Creeps Vs Freeps event.

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LOTRO video of elf hunter

An interesting LOTRO trick showed in this gameplay movie - an elf hunter tries out her heart seeker.
Server: Roheryn
It begins when elf hunter stands frozen with the arrow pointed down, when the timer ends elf hunter flings the arrow in a super high speed version of the animation.

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Author of this LOTRO video guide shows us all the places he went to while at level 1-10. He's been leveling his toon, Lesalor, and taking video. Nice job man.

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LotRO quest: Waffenmeister (lvl 15)

here's another small LotRO quest video tutorial - this time author offers us a video of himself doing Waffenmeister Quest Level 15.

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(LOTRO Video) mini-raid boss kill

Author presents lotro ingame footage of him and his
3 friends killing Coldbear - that's being the mini-raid boss in Helegrod.
Rolling Thunder/Firefoot

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