Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Here's LOTRO Coupon Code - 5% off. Anubody knows where to get more?

Received today this offer in the mail and felt liek sharing it with you guys - these folks sell LOTRO Gold:
Thank you for your support in the last two years and here we specially offer you a discounting. From Sep 20th to Oct 19th, you can share a 5%OFF when you checkout in our web.

° The Lord of the Rings OL US - $ 119.99/100 Gold
° The Lord of the Rings OL EU - $ 126.99/100 Gold

Here enclosed with the Coupon Code:

Ah, the site - it's www.OwnYo.com

If you know where to get more coupon codes, please let me know - I'd much appreciate it.

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