Thursday, August 9, 2007

LOTRO announced release of 10th Book - "The City of the Kings"

Turbine just has released new details of the 2nd major update to LOTRO. They boast more than forty new quests, all with major impact on the forces defending or assailing the different keeps available. Other notable improvements are:- Monster players can now log directly into their monster player character from the character selection screen- Quests to call support into Tol Ascarnen, Lugazag, and the Grimwood Lumber Camp have had the number of objects needed to enlist the aid of the assailants reduced to 25% of their previous numbers.- You can forge tribes to stalk the Ettenmoors and gain the rudimentary benefits available to player kinships- updated the functionality of the maps given out as rewards for completing quests for the different take and hold locations- !! All consumable items used by monster players have had their costs reduced by 50%, and food has been reduced even further. and so on - full details are here -

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