Friday, July 6, 2007

Lotro Instruments - How to Play Music in Lotro Guide

Lotropolis guys (here: are sharing with us With the new release of Shores of Evendim there is a lot of new stuff with the music system. Here is the basic steps to use the new music system and play prewritten is the basic steps to use the new music system and play prewritten songs.Step 1: First go to ...My DocumentsThe Lord of the Rings OnlineMusic and make sure that the Music folder exists. If the music folder is not there, don't panic. Just create a new folder and name it Music. This will be the folder that you put all the prewritten music.Step 2: All the files that are readable by lotro are written in ABC format. If you don't know what that is, google it or check out the official ABC website here: To create a ABC file either open up a text document or download a ABC editing program such as Mid2Abc at 3: Either write the ABC language or just paste in the musical piece you collected into the text file (or whatever you are using). Then save it as (or whatever you want to name your song, just keep it short as you will have to write this out every time you want to play the song and make sure you save it as .abc) in the ...My DocumentsThe Lord of the Rings OnlineMusic.Step 4: Finally, when you are in game, start playing music just like you would any other time with the /music. Then just type /play (or whatever you named your song). Then your character will began playing the tune you prepared in advance.A good resource to check out is the official lotro forum where they have started a nice collection of ABC format tunes.If you have anymore questions or tips don't hesitate to post...(You can also convert midi song files to abc, but its a little more complicated...I will try to post something on that sometime in the future or someone else can try to tackle that monster)

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