Friday, July 6, 2007

Turbine is going to introduce next big LotRO update

Turbine has offered first details on the next big content update for Lord of the Rings Online, including the news that a new gameplay type is to be introduced in Book 10. Exec producer tells CVG about Book 10 and reveals a new gameplay element to be introduced.Prising details from the mouth of executive producer Jeffrey Steefel recently in an interview, we ( were told, "...Amarthiel, who is this new character that we've introduced who is in search of a powerful ring - that's a big part of Book 10. There's not going to be a new region in Book 10 but the whole city of Ann—äminas will be opened up, and a lot more things will be happening there."And then there's some new type of gameplay that players haven't been able to do yet that they'll be able to do in Book 10."Advertisement:Sadly, Steefel wouldn't elaborate further, leaving us scratching heads and wondering what the new type of gameplay could be. Nor would he commit to a release date for Book 10 - "I don't want to get too specific because whatever date I pick someone will hold me to it for the rest of my life."However, he did promise that LotRO players "should expect to see multiple updates in a year, separate from expansion packs - just more content for their subscription."More:

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