Thursday, April 19, 2007

Lotro music macro explained (video)

A bit of info on LotRO instruments macro.
Author plays Lute on his Elf Minstrel during Beta.
He used some macros, done with Anvil Studio, GlovePie, and LOTRO Music Converter.

LOTRO Music theme: Highway to Hell

Here is quick how to play lute in LotRO
(or general hints on how to play instruments in lotro):

Best way to play instrument in LotRO is rebind Keys. Default notes stays on 12345678. Now when holding Ctrl with 12345678 instead rebind to QWERTYUI .. and For SHIFT 12345678 rebind to ASDFGHJK . Now you can play with 2 hands and have all the octaves without fukin Holding Down Shift and Ctrl. Hope it helps.
- Awesome,I can play Mario-theme,O fortuna,Star Wars dark side-theme and Mission Impossible theme on my lute =)
- Are the system specs required to run fairly high? Nope, you just buy the instrument (save up 20s for a lute haha), learn the skill, and you can play. lotro music numbers are easy - use 1-8 shift 1-8 and ctrl 1-8.

Tutorial: How to play lotro songs yourself. Lotro music numbers are easy!

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