Thursday, April 19, 2007

LOTRO Music - few in-game songs.

re lotro music numbers - see this video of few in-game songs being performed by Topaza of the Middle Earth Orchestra - they do real wonders re instrument play lotro.
Farm Boy (FF7), Dance of Gold (Castlevania: SOTN), Hymn of the Fayth (FFX), Stairway to Heaven, Dust in the Wind, Mario Theme, Tifa's Theme (FF7) - that's quite a video to learn how to play instrument in lotro, a little lotro music tutorial.

- Uhhm nice. I espically liked the Mario one.
- o my looks so fuckin cool... what's about mac, can i play it too?
- That was real good - definitely better than me. i was wondering if you could send me - the numbers you used for this please!
- hmm the song sounds very similar to kansas' Dust in the wind

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