Monday, April 2, 2007

LOTRO Movie Shadows of Angmar

Sign up for the beta at (Europe) or (USA)

my pal told me that he has pre-oredered for £24.99. does he need to buy the retail one aswell? it says that full game client is on dvd disk included...

I believe that you have to pay $9.95 monthly, or you can pay $199 for a life time. the beta is active, I do play it now, so what can I say - it's a lot of fun. LOTRO is up there with the best, including WoW.

There are PLENTY of quests, and they are fun - you'll never be bored. Get a higher end graphics card, then nice cpu and decent ram (say, 1 GB) - graphics is amazing. I would definitely try this game if I were you.

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