Tuesday, June 26, 2007

LOTRO items for sale

I've got few LotRO items for sale.

Well, question what to do with excess items arises every so often, and I spotted an interesting discussion on this matter, here is a quick summary:

What you guys do with all your loot? I have every slot full plus the storage (will not pay the absurd amount to increase storage space) I have put 10 items on sale (that’s all you can put at once on sale?) but still no sale, trust me they are real cheap but still no sale, I’m thinking in three things :

1 – Start a Guild to just support Noobs, thus given the items to them, for free of course.

2 – I had enough of all this crap, will destroy the excess baggage.

3 – Ok guys, party time, give away all excess crap.

4 - sell to NPC merchant, at least I make some Gold.

Well, there is another option. Since you can create total of 3 characters on the same server, you can create 2 more characters to be used as extra storage. The number of items that you can put on sale will be 30, and you will also increase your storage slots by an additional 128.

So, in total, you create 158 free slots for yourself!

If its normal/green armour or a weapon sell it to the merchant.

Only keep or sell green armour if it has good enough stats to be used for PvP (i.e 4 slots 3% skill block+). Rare weapons also sell as they lack the stats to be good enough to use for anyone.

Most uniques sell to the merchant to unless yet again the stats are good there are loads of uniques that just sit there on the AH and not sell if you need gold fast merchant it otherwise even sell them on AH for 3 times the price of the merchant and someone will buy it to try and make a profit.

I personally only sell stones on the AH unless my gear is up for sale which the guild dont need as selling a couple of stones is enough gold for me to gain a level or do what i need to do.

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