Friday, April 13, 2007

LOTRO Music: Dust in the Wind (Video of How do you play an instrument in lotro)

How do you play an instrument in lotro?
This video tutorial will show you how to play music in LOTRO.


Easily the best one I´ve heard yet!
LOTRO is the perfect balance between a fantasy world to explore, and a tribute to Tolkien!

I´ll see you all in Middle earth!

man, does that awesome... look, have you modified the key bindings for it? i guess you got the order of a website or made it up yourself, cause i so wanna play that!
Awesome job, pal.

funking sweet man. good job. i am posting this on my myspace bulletin's. i tried for the first time in game tonight to jam, and it was no where near this. you are the funking master!!!

Do you know of a way to transcribe those notes as the keys you'd need to press to play it live, instead of a macro version? Or the note numbers, either way :P

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