Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Lotro Gold explained: where to get gold, LOTRO money denominations, currency exchange (video)

This LOTRO vid tutorial explains few matters re LOTRO currency:

what kind of currency is used in LOTRO,
LOTRO Money denominations (Copper, Silver and Gold),
how to make money, how to buy Lotro Gold at virtual currency exchange,
how to learn how much Lotro Gold you have (Character Panel shows your available cash),
how to earn money (finishing quests, taking coins off enemies, selling items you got/crafted in game or bought offline), how to I sell items (via the Auction House, to a vendor \a non-player character\, by trading stuff with another player character),
how to sell items to an NPC vendor,
how to buy items from a vendor.

The Auction Panel and The Shopping Panel are explained in details, too.

Duration: 04:57
Size: 8.4 Mb

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